Set Your Instagram As A Marketing Tool

Set Your Instagram As A Marketing Tool

This is a surprising fact that you can use your Instagram as a marketing tool. It means two hunts from one arrow. The first step in setting your goals and objectives on Instagram is knowing what success means to you.

Why are you using Instagram?

Do you want to create brand awareness and reach more ideal customers? Do you want to promote your products and services? Are you trying to have a community of engaging followers?

Do you want to increase trust and loyalty to your brand? Will you use Instagram as a customer service tool or will all you do to share helpful information about your brand and industry with your followers?

You can use Instagram in many different ways to achieve brand goals. The way you use Instagram is entirely up to you and will vary according to the goals you set. The statistics you will use to measure your performance in line with the goals you set will also change.

For example, if you use Instagram to create a large audience with high interactivity, the metrics you need to pay attention to There will be interaction-oriented metrics such as comments, shares, and likes.

If you’re having trouble setting your Instagram goals, try to find answers to the following questions:

What is your purpose for using Instagram?
How can Instagram help you achieve your marketing goals?
What are the time and budget you will spare for Instagram?
What are the things that Instagram offers to your brand, unlike other platforms?

Determining Your Target Instagram Audience
Once you understand why you are using Instagram, what you need to do is determine the user audience you are targeting. If you already have an ideal customer profile with the features you have determined before, it is to use this profile as a guide to identifying suitable people on Instagram.

What types of content is your ideal customer interacting with? Which hashtags does he use? What groups and communities is it part of? You need to answer these questions to succeed in targeting the right audience.

If you’re still having trouble identifying your target audience, one of the things you can do is research your industry competitors. Visit your competitors’ Instagram profiles and take a closer look at their followers.

You can also use this strategy to detect the hashtags your competitors use. One of the best ways to reach your target audience on Instagram is with hashtags. This strategy has become even more important since the ability to follow hashtags came along.

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Creating an Instagram Content Strategy
It is really important to create a great-looking Instagram feed these days. But you shouldn’t ignore your personal photos. There are three types of content on Instagram: Photos, videos, and carousel. Let’s get to know these content strategies briefly together.

Photo contents
Photos remain the most popular type of content on Instagram. The main reason for this is that the preparation and editing of photos are much simpler than other types of content.
For the moment, your photo content on Instagram; can be shared in landscape, portrait and square formats. Photos can be 320 and 1080 pixels.

Video content
Videos are not as popular as photos, but videos shared on Instagram generally attract a great deal of engagement. Therefore, we strongly recommend adding Instagram videos to your marketing efforts.

Video content is the best content format you can use to sell because you can tell stories through videos. This is why many brands invest heavily in promotional video content.

Videos can be shared in landscape, portrait, and square formats as well as photos. If we don’t count IGTV, the longest Instagram video could be 60 seconds.

Carousel contents
Although Carousel was only introduced in mid-2017, it has already managed to become the favorite content format for brands that want to showcase their new product line or share photos and videos from their events.

This is because carousel content is more versatile than the single photo shared content format. It is also possible to add both photos and videos to carousel content. In other words, it provides a very suitable environment for you to express your creativity.

Carousel content can be shared in the landscape, portrait, and square format. It can contain 2 to 10 photo or video content.

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