Fascinating Psychological Reasons Behind Love In Universities

Fascinating Psychological Reasons Behind Love In Universities

There are many psychological reasons behind love and specially in universities. In this article, I am going in with these factors. Let us discuss them one by one.

1. Young people who are not adopted by their home and family, who do not have a listener, do not find sympathy. They inadvertently look for compassion and listeners in others. When someone finds it in another gender, they consider it love. Are !! Even though their need was not to listen to love !!

2. Every person has his mode of thinking and an extra level of mind. The subconscious feels good when one meets another person with the same temperament and thoughts as oneself, the heart wants to be in touch, and the opinions clash. And this harmony of mind is confused with love. This is called mental peace.

3. Nature has an attraction between male and female. When the two are similar, spend time together and have a genuine interest. This attraction is also sometimes consider love.

4. Every human being has a sketch of his spouse in his mind that spouse should be like that! When this comes up, it is considered love or sometimes love at first sight. Although such a person is not your love choice. There can be many such people.

5. Staying in a relationship and working together for a few years in educational institutions creates instability. This instinct is also sometimes considered love.

6. Two people get into the habit of always being together, meeting, or just talking on the phone because of mental harmony or liking, which is commonly understood and called love. However, love is not a habit.

7. In our society, love is an integral part of life in the curriculum, novels, fiction, dramas, movies, and even cartoons. Our subconscious understands that love must be necessary for everyone. Otherwise, I will not fail, I will not be left behind, I will not be defeated. That is why our youth unwittingly and deliberately try to find love and keep on wandering.

That is why we have doubts all our lives that this is love !! Or people keep changing their loved ones !! Or being with a loved one does not calm the heart !! While there is love and there are loves too !!

This misconception of love is the cause of 90% of love failures, break-ups, and marriages failing.

One more thing !!

Our society is a society of men, men are independent, and women are dependent. Being independent, the man prefers to move on and grow after spending time psychologically, while the woman wants to be in a direct relationship, that is, to be dependent. In Western society, where women are also somewhat free, women are again moving forward. Out of the primary reasons for the failure of love in our community, there is a difference or disagreement in our family and friends’ psychological thinking after having a relationship with the opposite sex.

Most importantly !! There is no greater sorrow for a man than earning, not even love !! Therefore, educational institutions’ love does not mean anything to a man unless he is financially settled. Love is a less important thing for him. That is why the love of educational institutions fails.

One last thing
In our society, unfortunately, marriage is not for two people but two families. And when marriage is to be for two families, why do two people try to make love ?? That is why later on, one’s mother does not believe in one’s father. And no one’s Istikhara is right !!!

You can expand my article based on your experience and observations.

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